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What is SimpleText.NET ?

SimpleText aims at enabling .NET developers to language version ASP.NET sites or other types of .NET applications in a simple manner.
The project contains two seperate parts:
  • A library which is used for fetching the texts in your site/app.
  • A website which is only used for editing the XML file containing the texts.


Here is a few screenshots to give you an impression of what SimpleText.NET actually is.
For further info, check out the documentation section, or download it and take it for a spin.

Web administration
The web administration is a site that you set up in your local or central development servers IIS. This is where you extract, export, import and edit texts and languages.

Excel or CSV import/export translation flow
Translators like to stick with what they know, which very often means MS Excel. SimpleText.NET can easily export to Excel or CSV format and reimport the file once it is returned from the translator.

The screenshot is from the downloadable sample. This illustrates the special syntax which the "Extractor" in the web administration recognizes and uses to extract default values for the texts. Specifying the default is optional, but has the added advantage that it makes the source code much easier to read.
The texts can (of course) also be extracted in codebehind files, console apps and any other piece of .NET code - the screenshot is just an example.

XML format
Data is stored in a simple XML format which (if needed) can be edited without the web administration. This also means there are no DBMS requirements and setup.

State of this project

The project is complete and working. It is is however not yet thouroughly field tested by a wider audience, which is the reason it is still marked as beta.
If you run into bugs, find documentation that doesn't make sense or simply have a question or comment - please let me know by contacting me, or even better by posting it in the "Discussions" section here at CodePlex.

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