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SimpleText.NET quick-guide

The easiest way to get started with SimpleText.NET is to download the project and check out the administration site and included sample application.

There are descriptions and helpful notes thoughout the administration website which explain many of the main concepts.

The sample site is an example of how the SimpleText.NET framework can be used in your application, but you are free to implement it in other ways... Different developers have very different ideas on what is "best practice".

There is no MSDN-style doc yet - so if you want the full details on the framework classes, you will need to use the VS.NET Intellisense or simply download the source code.

Further info

The development is driven by the following aims

  • Easy installation: Must be easy to install on a "standard" Windows box (must not require install of any extra drivers or third party programs)
  • Simple data format: The XML data file must contain all data (including meta data). If another data store is to be added for performance reasons it must be entirely recreatable from the XML file.
  • Performance: Text fetching must be highly performant so it is usable for sites with high traffic volumes. Performance is secondary on the administration site.
  • Export/import for translation: The system must be able to easily export and import to the formats of the programs that translators. This means MS Excel and flat file formats. Translators get input from a myriad of customers and they do not want to have to learn a zillon different systems, so they stick to their trusty spreadsheets.
  • Source code readability: The code should remain readable. So text names are preferred to integer IDs. E.g. GetText("intro_headline") instead of GetText(4564)
  • Automatic extraction of texts: There should be a way to easily extract and create versioned texts from the code or markup, without having to enter a text and click save a thousand times. This can be implemented either as a runtime creation where missing texts are created on the fly (with a "text mssing" default value), or by an external tool that can crawl the source code files.

Inspirations and alternatives

This is a list of some sites, articles that have given inspiration to the project.
The list also contain a number of other text versioning systems that you may also consider using. Whether you prefer SimpleText or one of the "competitors" all depends on the context in which you will be using them and your own personal taste - they are all quality works.


Various resources that have been used in SimpleText.

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